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Become a vendor at the 2023 New England Latino Festival. As one of the largest Latino festival in New England, we offer a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with a diverse demographic of individuals from different cultural backgrounds and age groups.

With an expected attendance of 12,000, your business will have extensive promotional coverage across various media outlets and on-site signage. Contribution $ 400

The Benefits

There are several benefits for businesses to promote their products and services at the New England Latino Festival 2023:


  • Increased visibility: The festival is expected to draw a large and diverse crowd, providing businesses with the opportunity to increase their brand awareness and reach a wider audience.

  • Networking opportunities: The festival is an opportunity for businesses to network and connect with other businesses and community organizations, as well as potential customers.

  • Direct customer interaction: Businesses will have the opportunity to interact directly with customers and receive feedback on their products and services.

  • Community engagement: Participating in the festival is a great way for businesses to show their support for the community and demonstrate their commitment to diversity and cultural awareness.

  • Sales and promotions: Businesses can use the festival as an opportunity to showcase their products and services and drive sales through promotions and special offers.

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