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Helping Hands

Here is an opportunity for non-profit organizations to participate and showcase their organization at the New England Latino Festival at the Riverfront Park in Springfield, MA on August 25 - 26th.

  • Non-profit organizations are welcome to bring their own tent, subject to approval based on guidelines, conditions, and size.

  • The cost of placement is $300. However, this cost will be waived if the non-profit organization is willing to provide volunteers 3 to assist with the planning, implementation, and execution of the festival project.

This is a great opportunity for non-profits to work together, get to know each other better, and share information about their programs and services with festival attendees.

The Benefits

There are several benefits for Non-Profit Organizations to promote their products and services at the New England Latino Festival 2023:


  • Increased visibility: The festival is expected to draw a large and diverse crowd, providing businesses with the opportunity to increase their brand awareness and reach a wider audience.

  • Networking opportunities: The festival is an opportunity for organizations to network and connect with other organizations and community members, as well as potential stakeholders.

  • Community engagement: Participating in the festival is a great way for your organization to show support for the community and demonstrate a commitment to diversity and cultural awareness.

  • Services and Opportunities promotions: Organizations can use the festival as a showcase for your services and opportunities to increase visibility and community participation.

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